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Why use a Pet Sitter?

Your pets can stay in the comfort of their own home, where they feel
safe and secure.


Your pets will receive personal attention and exercise.


Your pets can stay on their regular diet and routine.


If your pets require medication, you can be sure they never miss a dose.


You will not have to worry about transporting pets before or after your trip.


You will not have to impose on friends or neighbors.


Your home will be watched while you are away, adding extra security.





About Us

New England Pet Nanny, LLC is owned and operated by Tae Duffy of New Milford, Connecticut.  Tae originally started New England Pet Nanny in October 2003 because of her deep passion for all animals, and to also provide a much needed service to pets in the surrounding towns.  She spent her Saturdays in the late 1980s volunteering at the animal shelter through DAWS, and went on to become a volunteer foster mother and adoption assistant for

Sav-A-Dog Foundation in Red Hook, New York. She has seen many of her 4-legged children come and go over the years, although many have remained with her to this day.   


New England Pet Nanny has blossomed into a rewarding and

full-time career for Tae, and also consists of a caring, dependable and dedicated staff who are all committed to bringing the best possible care to pets and people.


New England Pet Nanny now provides mobile grooming with our Pup Spa. For more information please click here.



PH  (860)355-1999